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Embedded systems specialists who love electromechanical product development
Located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, we enjoy collaborating with both local and remote clients



If you need a custom circuit board for your prototype, want help with software or firmware development, or you're looking to create a novel device that requires electrical, software, and mechanical engineering, we can help.


Why choose Impact Embedded as your product development consultancy?

  • Communication: We enjoy getting to know you and your business challenges, and helping you to understand the engineering work that we do.  This creates a level of trust that lets us interact as partners, so we can deliver the best solutions and help you make the best decisions.

  • Quality: You don't want to waste your precious time and money on a result that doesn't meet your needs. We strive to deliver high-quality PCBs, software, and electromechanical prototypes that work correctly on the first try, and we have a great track record of doing so.

  • Integrity: You can trust us to do the right thing.  Our reputation for strong integrity is precious to us.  We enjoy operating within an ecosystem of good character, including staff, clients, and vendors.

  • Personal Service: Dominic Germana founded Impact Embedded in 2012 to help startups and other organizations bring their inventions to the world.  He will personally work to understand your needs and then lead our team to deliver results.

"Dominic and his team accomplished so much, so quickly, I only wish I would have met him sooner so we could have accelerated our earlier product development efforts."

- Fred Thompson, CEO of GuidePro3D


Some great ideas we already turned into reality

Laird Technologies Temperature Controller

In combination with Laird’s thermoelectric device technology, enables rapid heating and cooling for use in applications such as PCR for DNA sequencing.

Physcient Differential Dissector surgical instrument

Physcient’s differential dissector enables surgeons to separate tissue more quickly and safely than with traditional instruments.


Packet production machine with touch screen GUI

The packaging machine allows Panaceutics to produce custom nutritional gel packs.

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GuidePro3D logo
Organic Transit logo
Panaceutics logo
Nuvotronics logo
Double E logo
Laird Technologies logo

Meet some of our clients

PCB design icon
Firmware development icon
GUI development icon

Software embedded into custom electronics to provide control of the system

Mechanical design icon

Functional enclosures & integration of sensors and actuators

Prototype development icon

Our tagline says it all - transforming great ideas into reality

Design review icon

Hardware and software reviews to prevent problems & diagnosis and repair of issues

Schematic circuit design, PCB layout & cabling documentation

Graphical User Interfaces allow the exchange of data and control commands


“Impact Embedded is our ‘go to’ partner for electronics.”

- Hugh Crenshaw, CEO of Physcient



Reach us at:

(919) 998-6505

Find us (by appointment only) at:

Impact Embedded, LLC

4416 Highgate Drive,

Durham, NC 27713

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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