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What We Do

We bring ideas to life

Using our skills as electrical, software, and mechanical engineers, our mission is to help you accelerate your product development goals while using financial and time resources efficiently.  One of the factors that differentiates us from typical engineers is our focus on excellent communication and our understanding of business fundamentals.

We feel that developing new concepts is the most fun and rewarding aspect of engineering.  We find it especially fulfilling to create something new while also helping a customer to meet a market need, thereby growing our client's business and satisfying their customers as well.


Who We Are

Dominic Germana
Founder, Chief Engineer

Dominic is an electrical engineer with a strong multidisciplinary background and experience with financial, people, and project management.  He takes primary responsibility for customer engagement and satisfaction as well as electronics hardware and software design work, while his broad technical background allows him to also contribute to and oversee mechanical engineering and systems integration tasks.


Dominic has an extensive background leading multidisciplinary engineering teams to successfully develop prototypes and products in a range of industries including robotics, defense, medical devices, and industrial controls. His strong communication skills, passion for quickly learning new technologies, and system level viewpoint help Impact Embedded efficiently develop, fabricate, and test advanced technology products for our customers.



Prior to forming Impact Embedded in 2012, Dominic was the Principal Electrical Engineer and personnel manager of the Maritime Research Group at iRobot. In that role, he was responsible for people, tools, and process management of the business unit; oversaw the technical, schedule, and financial management of multidisciplinary DoD funded R&D projects; led the detailed design, fabrication, lab and field testing of all project electrical components; and provided costing estimates and technical content to project proposals.  His previous work included roles as the Electrical Engineering Team Leader at Nekton Research developing underwater robotics prototypes, and as a Research and Development Hardware Engineer at Abbott Laboratories developing glucose meters.


Dominic received his Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences, Bachelor of Engineering with Mechanical concentration, and his Master of Engineering Management with Electrical concentration from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, where he graduated with high honors in the top 10% of the class.

Barrett Noone
Embedded Systems Engineer

After a successful internship during Barrett's final year of school, he joined Impact Embedded full time.


He solves both hardware design and software development challenges for our customers and is always excited to expand his capabilities.

Barrett earned his Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences and Bachelor of Engineering with Electrical concentration from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

Ralph Cook
Software Engineer

Ralph is a software engineer with a wide range of experience. He started
out with small computers in industrial applications, and has since worked on real-time systems, desktop programs, web programming, and
heterogeneous networks.


His projects include a system for writing and delivering NC citations, applying for Social Security replacement cards online, some of the original smart phone software, and RF communications system control firmware and operator interface software.

Ralph has a B.S. in Physics from UNC Greensboro, and a Master's in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill.

Ryan Moody
Mechanical Engineer

Ryan is a mechanical engineer with broad industry experience including automotive, medical, robotics, and defense. He contributes his skills to our mechanical design challenges on a part time basis.

Ryan Moody

Ryan is the Chief Technology Officer of Physcient, a developer of novel smart surgical devices (and Impact Embedded client). He and Dominic worked closely together on underwater robotics development at Nekton Research and iRobot for many years.

Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Mechatronics, both from North Carolina State University.

Eric Adams
Mechanical Engineer

Eric is a hands-on mechanical engineer who enjoys fabrication as well as design.  His wide-ranging industry experience includes robotics, medical, defense, and heavy machinery.

Eric Adams

He is the Chief Invention Officer of AircoDesign, LLC and also applies his skills for Impact Embedded part time. Eric also solved many engineering challenges with Dominic at Nekton Research and iRobot.


Eric earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology.


Who We Work With

There are three categories of clients we typically work with:
Early Stage Startups

Often consist of just one or two founding members with an idea and the ability to manage a business but without the technical skills to develop a prototype product to match their vision. These clients are often self funded and we will quickly and inexpensively develop a proof of concept or first prototype device to use for initial testing and to attract investor interest.

Have often acquired investor funding and begun to build their team. These clients often have some internal engineering resources with skills focused on the competitive advantage of the company, but they still need substantial help with their product development goals.

Often with staff that is fully capable of managing their normal business processes, but who still need occasional help due to temporary busy periods or development requirements outside of their core expertise.

More Mature Startups
Larger Companies
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