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Sample Projects

Our multidisciplinary approach to product development leads to a wide variety of successful projects

In combination with Laird’s thermoelectric device technology, enables rapid heating and cooling for use in applications such as PCR for DNA sequencing.

PCR Temperature Controller
Smart Surgical Instrument

Physcient’s differential dissector enables surgeons to separate tissue more quickly and safely than with traditional instruments.


The packaging machine allows Panaceutics to produce custom nutritional gel packs.

Packaging Machine
Engineering prototype

The handheld, battery powered probe measures structures to 50 micron accuracy and communicates results over a Bluetooth connection.

The proof of concept device allowed our customer to quickly and inexpensively experiment with a unique electrosurgery procedure.


Nuvotronics’ E-Band radio is compact, high power, and can transmit data at 5.2 Gbps wirelessly while operating at 72 GHz.

"Impact Embedded has worked interactively with us to deliver elegant, robust solutions and they have always delivered top quality work on time and on budget."
- Hugh Crenshaw, CEO of Physcient Inc.
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