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Interested in joining the Impact Embedded team?

We’re always interested in hearing from talented people, especially those that have multidisciplinary engineering skills. We appreciate those who have flexible availability or interest in working part time.

Company Values and Goals

  •  We pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of communication, quality, integrity and personal service.

  • We treat employees as whole people with families and other interests outside of work.

  • We believe that employees who feel valued will do their best work and make our clients feel valued too.

We seek out individuals with these characteristics:
  • Talented, smart, problem solver, multidisciplinary, flexible, love learning new things, and enjoy creating.

What can employees expect besides a paycheck?  

  • A welcoming work environment.

  • The opportunity to learn new skills.

  • The chance to build relationships.

  • A variety of interesting projects to work on.

We offer internships during off-terms and part-time work during the school year for bright, engaging students looking to gain valuable experience working on engineering projects. 

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