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Let's Get Started

Like what you’ve seen so far and want to take the next step of working with Impact Embedded to realize your product development goals?

Next Steps

Reach us at:


Call, email, or submit our contact form to discuss so we can mutually determine if your project is a good fit.

We understand the sensitive nature of many inventions and are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements so you can share your great ideas freely.

Once you’re comfortable with the planned timeframe and cost, we’ll move forward officially by signing a consulting agreement. We have a standard agreement that we typically use, but if your company has a preferred document we can work with that instead.​

Next, we will discuss additional details, form a project plan, and provide a fixed-price quote.

With the project underway, we will work hard to help your company succeed by delivering high quality results quickly and efficiently.  You can count on us to keep in close communication with you throughout the process, getting your feedback early and often to ensure that the outcome meets or exceeds your desires.

Early Discussion Items

Overview of Your Product Development Goals

What is the market need you’re hoping to solve?  What is your product idea and how does it address that need?

Desired timeframe

Of course almost everyone wants their project to be completed as soon as possible, but the more flexible you can be with your timeframe expectations, the more likely we can fit your project into our workflow.

Stage in the Development Process

Is this a newly conceived idea? Has there been any development progress by you or others that we may build on?  Does this project depend on or integrate with other aspects in existence or development?

Technical Support

Do you or your team have related technical skills or knowledge of this domain?  If not, we look forward to communicating with you to educate you to whatever level of detail you wish.  If so, we’re happy to collaborate with your team members who are working on related aspects of the project.


Are you an established business with internal funding, a mature startup with investor funding, or a founder who is self-funding the development of this project?  This helps us determine reasonable payment terms as well as helping us guide you to the most appropriate overall project structure.  For example, a self-funded founder might consider a lower cost proof of concept project to help garner investor interest prior to embarking on a more extensive product development effort.  For the right product idea and founder, we might consider an equity agreement as part of our compensation.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in working with us but still have some unanswered questions? 

What is an embedded system?

We like to explain it as a device with a specific purpose and the built-in capability to interact with the world and process information.  An onboard microcontroller is like a tiny computer running custom software (firmware) that can read sensors, control actuators, and communicate.

How much will my project cost?

That's a good question! Costs vary substantially depending on how complex the project is.  We will be happy to tailor a project to move your business forward while meeting your current budget requirements. 

Will I have access to the technical documentation?

You own the work that we complete for you, and we’re always happy to provide you with the documentation that you want to keep in your records, including source code files, schematics, PCB fabrication files, reports or other documents.

Can you work on my project at my company’s offices?

We always appreciate the opportunity to visit our clients in person, whether we’re attending a project kickoff meeting, design review, or we’re working side by side with you to do product testing in your laboratory.  However, we typically support multiple clients simultaneously, and for that reason we can’t commit to long term on-site arrangements.

You did a great job on our project, can we hire you as a full time employee?

Thank you for the compliment!  I (Dominic) started Impact Embedded because I really enjoy working on a variety of new product development projects and I wanted to help the many startups and other organizations in the Research Triangle and beyond.  I have a long term commitment to this business and my clients.  Many of our customers are repeat clients, asking for our help on additional projects beyond the initial engagement.  It’s important to me to continue being available to support those past clients as well as future customers that haven’t found us yet!  For these reasons, while I’m flattered, I can’t leave Impact Embedded to accept a full time time position elsewhere.

Still have a question that we haven't answered? We would love to hear from you!
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